Creating Custom Address Lists with Exchange Online

Holy cow it has been a while since I made a post on here!  Things have been crazy.  Anywho, let’s talk address lists.  So typically when users ask for “folders” in the global address list (GAL), even with Exchange Online, the first thing my brain goes to is public folders (PF).  Now I got thinking, […]

Add SSO Support for Chrome Browser with ADFS 3

By default, ADFS 3 (Windows Server 2012R2) only supports the seamless Single Sign-on (SSO) that we all expect with Internet Explorer browsers.  Chrome can be enabled though by following these steps: 1.  Login to your on-premises ADFS server and launch PowerShell as administrator. 2.  Run the following command to see the current set of supported […]

Install & Configure Elastic Curator for Index Management

After you have set up your ELK Stack and have been using it for a while (see Step-By-Step Install ELK Stack), a question should start creeping into your head; How do I stop my Elasticsearch Indexes from growing endlessly?  Now you could occasionally go into Kibana and delete the indexes via the GUI found there, […]

High CPU Usage from

After installing the the Windows Updates for July 2018, my Azure AD Connect servers started maxing out their CPU.  Upon looking into it I came across the “” process, otherwise known as the “Azure AD Connect Health Sync Monitor” service, eating up nearly all of the machines CPU. I came across this Microsoft support article that […]