Open Active Directory as prompted user using RSAT

A while back I came across a need for this and dug up the following batch script to do the trick for me:

As one would expect, this will only work if RSAT is installed on the computer it is ran on.

Hello World!

To the random soul who happened upon my page,

I created this site mostly because my boss/mentor suggested it, and it has been fun just learning the ropes of getting it up and running. I’ll mostly just post random tidbits of things that I learn how to do in my grand journey to know how to operate a keyboard and mouse. Essentially, I want a place where I can document these things so that I don’t need to learn how to do them a second, third, fourth, or even a fifth time (yeah, my memory is shot).  This happens to be a re-do of my first site so the posts over the first few weeks will likely be a couple months old, but I’ll try to adjust them as I re-post them.

Anywho, enjoy my randomness!