Specific Windows 7 Computer Unable to Access File Share

Ran into a bit of a weird one today.  Had one of my Help Desk guys call me up saying that no matter what a particular user cannot access a specific file share on a certain computer, always receiving an Access Denied message.  On any other computer this issue is not occurring.  He tells me he has checked all group assignments, removed the profile, removed and re-added it to the domain to no avail.  Quite the weird one.

I hop on and confirm all that needs confirming and see that there was definitely not an access issue.  Tried to hit it from a different profile with some administrator creds with no change.  Here’s the kicker though, I could UNC to the actual drive that held the share and manually navigate to access it no problem.  Okay time to talk to Uncle Google, this doesn’t make any sense.  Long story short I finally stumbled upon the solution from Microsoft (found here).  It has to do with the local CSC (offline files) database on the computer, and you fix it by wiping that joker.  You do this by adding the registry key found below and bouncing the box.


DWORD (32-bit)Value – FormatDatabase – Value = 1

After the box finishes restarting, log in and wa-lah!  You can access all shares normally again.  Yay!  You can also do this via batch/cmd if you wish with the following: