As time goes on, Microsoft releases new features to be controlled with Group Policy.  You add these new GPO’s by downloading .admx and .adml files from Microsoft and adding them to your Domain Controller.  You do this by first creating a Central Store for your admx/adml files, assuming that you do not already have one in place.  Note that this process is unnecessary if you have a single Domain Controller as they are all pulled from from the local PolicyDefinitions folder.  When you have multiple Domain Controllers in your environment you want them to share the same PolicyDefinitions so there are not any discrepancies.

To do this, login to your Primary Domain Controller (or the DC with the highest version of Windows Server) and navigate to C:\Windows.  You will find a directory name PolicyDefinitions here.  Copy that directory and paste it in the following directory C:\Windows\SYSVOL\domain\Policies.  This pasted PolicyDefinitions folder will now be the central store that all DC’s will grab its admx/adml files from (aka a central storage location for all GPOs for your domain).  After this you simply download the admx/adml files that you wish to add from Microsoft and paste them into your newly pasted PolicyDefinitions folder and the corresponding language folder(s).  For example, if I wanted to add GPO’s for controlling Microsoft Office 2016, I could do so by downloading the admx/adml files from here and then adding them to the appropriate folders.  Easy peasy!