Unable to Install Hyper-V on VMware VM

Setting up a test environment recently I ran into a bit of an issue installing the Hyper-V role on a Server 2012R2 VM that I have running in my home VMware test environment.  When I would attempt it, I received the following error:

After doing a little Googling I came across this article.  It explains the long way of doing things, but in the comments was a much quicker and easier way which I tested and proved to work.

Start by shutting down your VM and selecting the Edit Settings option.  When the window appears select the VM Options near the top, expand the Advanced section, and select the “Edit Configuration…” option next to Configuration Parameters.

Another windows will pop up and you will need to select the “Add parameter” option on the top left.  Add the following two parameters:

Key = hvh.enable       Value = TRUE

Key = hypervisor.cpuid.v0        Value = FALSE

Save all of your changes, start your VM back up, and install the Hyper-V role.