Installing Office 2016 on RDS Server with Shared Computer Licensing

When installing Office on an RDS Server accessed by multiple users, you need to configure the installation for shared computer licensing.  To do this, you begin by downloading the Office Deployment Tool.  Once you have that downloaded, run the executable.  This will provide you with two files; configuration.xml and setup.exe.  Edit the configuration.xml file and you should see something similar to what is below:

This is missing a few key configuration options, such as the “SharedComputerLicensing” which is the primary reason for this post.  Also, I’m personally not all that interested in adding Visio to most of my RDS environments, but I am interested in deploying the 64-bit version of Office.  See this Office Support page to see all of the configuration options.  It should look more like what is below:

Once you have that done, save the configuration.xml file.  Shift + right-click somewhere in the file explorer window and select the “Open command window here” option to make your life a little easier.  Then run the following two commands:

The second command will take a while as it is actually installing.  Once it is done, you are done!