This is just one of those things that always seems to slip my mind so I am going to throw it on here.


Start by opening MMC and adding the Certificates snap-in for the local computer.

Select the Personal store, right click in the open area, hover All Tasks, hover Advanced Operations, and select Create Custom Request…

Select Next on the Before You Begin page.  On the Select Certificate Enrollment Policy window, select Custom Request: Proceed without enrollment policy and select Next.

Confirm the Template option on the Custom request window is set to No template with PKCS #10 format and select Next.

Select Details on the Certificate Information window and then select properties.

Type in a Friendly name and, if you wish, a Description and select the Subject tab.

In the Subject name section select Common name, fill in the value appropriately, and select Add.  You can also add others such as Locality, State, Country, etc. if you wish and select the Private Key tab.

Under the Cryptographic Service Provider select 2048 for the Key size and select the Make private key exportable option.

Select Apply/OK and select next.  Browse or type in where you would like to store the csr and select finish.

Send that csr off to the CA your working with, or sign it with an internal CA and you’re off to the races.