Customize Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Automated Deployment

I’ve been doing a lot of optimization work on our imaging process here lately and I came across what I would consider the “proper” way to mass install Acrobat Reader DC with the help of the Acrobat Customization Wizard DC.

1.) Follow this link to download and install the Customization Wizard DC, and then grab the most recent free download of Acrobat Reader DC.

2.) Open Command Prompt as Administrator and browse to where you downloaded the Acrobat Reader DC executable.  Run the following command, subbing in whatever the file name of the download you have is for readerdc_en_xa_cra_install.exe:

3.) This will begin extracting the files that we are going to need. Navigate to %ProgramData%\Adobe\Setup and confirm there is a directory there containing AcroRead.msi.

4.) At this point I prefer to copy the entire directory to a separate location to work with, but it’s dealer’s choice.  Then open your recently installed Acrobat Customization Wizard DC.

5.) Select File -> Open Package… and navigate to your AcroRead.msi file and open it up.

6.) At this point you’re free to make all the changes you wish.  Go through all the options and choose what works best for your environment.

7.) Once you are done, select the Transform option at the top and then the Generate Transform… option.  Name the file what you wish (I usually stick with AcroReadTransform.mst) and select save.

8.) You now have everything that you need to deploy.  Stick the directory with all your files wherever appropriate for your environment and use the following command for silent install with your customization: