Client Machine Cannot Launch RDS Apps. Event 4625 Status 0xC000035B.

My help desk gave me a shout today saying that a particular user could not launch an RDS app from their computer.  Naturally I checked all the basics with test account and all was operating as expected so I knew it had to be something with the client machine.

I did a bunch of more basic troubleshooting (I didn’t have a lot of faith in this particular technician) and then started digging through the logs on the RDS Gateway box until I found the following little bugger (Event 4625):

Naturally this doesn’t tell me anything, but with a little Google-Fu I came up with this source.  I changed the LmCompatibilityLevel value to 3 or higher as directed, gave the machine a reboot, and wha-lah it worked.  The value can be found at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa.

Restore a Deleted Office 365 Group with PowerShell

Oops…So I accidentally deleted a few O365 groups last week.  Happens to everyone at some point right?  Luckily, as long as it has been less that 30 days since you deleted it, you are in the clear and can restore it!  Note: If you were a try hard and used Remove-MsolGroup to delete the group, you’re screwed.  Full disclosure the very detailed walk through I followed can be found here, but I am going to do my own quick write up for future reference.  With all that being said, strap in!

We need to start by installing the AzureADPreview PowerShell module.  Yeah, it’s in preview (haha).  So pop open a PowerShell window as administrator and run the following.  If you have a previous version of the module you will need to uninstall it and install the most up to date version.

Tough stuff.  You may receive the following prompts to download the repository and that it is untrusted.  Accept them, they’re not super hackers or anything.

Now we are all prepped and ready to go.  If you closed that PowerShell window get it open again as administrator.  Run the following to restore your group (further instructions below).

It’ll take a few seconds but you will now have your group restored and can go back to normal.