Sage 50 “Failed to switch Terminal Server to INSTALL mode…”

I think that anyone would agree that dealing with financial software is always a pain.  Today is no different!  All joking aside, the issues (yes with an “s”) began from the beginning of my journey to upgrade Sage 50 2017.2 to Sage 50 2018.1.

To be honest Sage has really tried to make this a painless process.  Should be as simple as downloading the update via the application GUI, closing the application to prompt the upgrade, and you’re off to the races.  If that worked as designed it really would be simple, not that the issues are that bad just frustrating.  Anywho, upon closing the application to upgrade I was presented with the following “error” message:

Rather bothersome considering I (obviously) was an administrator, but okay let’s just find the actual upgrade executable and run it as administrator.  I navigated to %InstallDirectory%\Sage\Peachtree\<CompanyName>\Updates and ran Sage50_2018.1.0.Upgrade.exe found there.  Simple enough right?  Of course not my young padawan learner, this is financial software after all.  I was then presented with the following error:

For starters, I love the typo “To swith” in the error message.  Spoilers, the switch doesn’t work.  This brought me to old faithful…Google.  I stumbled upon a Sage support article (found here) which provided multiple options for resolving this issue.  I chose the second option which had me do the following:

  1. Open up %TEMP%\RarSFX0\peachw\install
  2. Run _setup.exe as administrator
  3. Follow prompts to install

That did the trick for me, as such that brings this little post to a close.


P.S. If you have activation issues after the upgrade, bounce the box and try again.