Per usual this is more for my own reference because I’m forgetful, but it might help someone out if they happen to miss the very detailed instructions found here on VMware’s KB site.  For this I think I’ll do a numbered list of steps to make things simple:

1.) Mount VMware Tools installer in vSphere/vCenter by selecting the Install VMware Tools option

2.) SSH into your Linux VM and sudo up, or if you prefer put sudo in front of all your commands…I’m lazy

3.) Create a directory to use as a mount point

4.) Mount the CDROM to your newly created mount point

5.) Copy the zipped files to a temporary directory

6.) Move into your temp directory and extract the files

7.) Move into the vmware-tools-distrib directory and run the PERL install script

At this point you’ll be asked a whole bunch of questions to customize the install.  Select whatever works for your environment, though the defaults will work fine for most.  It’ll go through installing and you’re done!