After installing the the Windows Updates for July 2018, my Azure AD Connect servers started maxing out their CPU.  Upon looking into it I came across the “” process, otherwise known as the “Azure AD Connect Health Sync Monitor” service, eating up nearly all of the machines CPU.

I came across this Microsoft support article that acknowledged the issue and places the blame on the June 2018 .NET updates.  Not 100% true for my situation as I never had issues with the June 2018 updates just the July 2018 updates, but I’ll take it.  It may also be worth noting that I was running version 1.1.654.0 when experiencing this issue.

The solution is to simply update to the most recent version of Azure AD Connect, which in turn will update the problematic Azure AD Connect Health Agent.  This is a pretty simple process but I’ll detail it below quick.

1. Download the most recent Azure AD Connect installer

2. Run the MSI on the machine you have Azure AD Connect installed


3. Select the Upgrade option on the Upgrade Azure Active Directory Connect window


4. You will see a “Upgrading the synchronization engine” status.  This can take some time.

5. Enter your GLOBAL ADMINISTRATOR Azure AD credentials as prompted


6. Input your DOMAIN ADMINISTRATOR AD DS credentials as prompted


7. On the Ready to configure window select Upgrade


8. After some time you will see the following success message.  By default it will start a full sync after the upgrade unless you cleared the check box in the previous step.