Convert .pfx to .pem Format

I needed to get .pem’s out of a .pfx recently for an application that did not have an easy method to upload a .pfx.  It ran on top of a debian distro so I figured it was easier to just drop the .pem’s where they need to be, but then I realized I’ve never taken […]

ADFS User Sign-In Customization

I’m not going to lie to you, like most of my posts this is just a reference for myself but hey maybe one of you stalkers of the interwebs didn’t know how to do this.  Anywho there is a whole bunch of customizations that you can make to the ADFS sign-in page with simple PowerShell […]

What is Service Pack for ProLiant?

If you have HP servers and you don’t know about Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP), you need to take a few and read this.  I’m not sugar coating anything, this post is mostly because I always forget the name of this dang utility and is nothing special.  So here’s the official description of what SPP […]